When it comes to Site Flipping and Domain Flipping to me there is no one out there better than Mark Ress. He does not teach the same old rehash stuff that one reads in these crappy ebooks. Mark Ress has developed a system where within 18 to 24 months you can earn your first million off of Virtual Real Estate. Mark Ress teaches portfolio building and this is where the REAL money is. "Developing a portfolio of sites that is worth six figures plus is the goal." says Mark Ress.

Mark Ress is the best at motivating people to take action when it comes to learning how to make money online working from home buying and selling web sites. Mark Ress taught me how to build web sites in 30 minutes and then list them for sale on different sites. Within days and some times hours Im already making money. Its just like Mark Ress said "Some folks will buy your sites INSTANTLY putting money in your pocket really quick!"

Ever since learning from Mark Ress how the REAL money is made online I have not looked back. All the so-called Internet Marketing guru having nothing on Mark Ress. He KNOWS his stuff and is not afraid to just GIVE it all awy on his free training webinars and Ustream shows.

I hope you are blessed soon to follow Mark Ress on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/markress or join his FREE Internet Marketing Coaching Club! He never pitches anything. Just provides REAL WORLD valuable information that you can take action on now! I truly own a debt of gratitude to Mark Ress.
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