Well, if you are looking for your own vacation home, theres a really nice place in Rehoboth Beach. I stayed there one summer and its just perfect. Its a very roomy three bedroom home with a deck and all the trimmings. Its close to route 1 and right down the street from the outlet stores, where you could do all your tax free shopping. But, its far enough away where you dont have to deal with resort traffic. And theres plenty of parking to invite your friends from the city for a weekend down at the shore. Rehoboth Beach is only two miles away, so you could work on your tan every morning. Theres an amusement park and arcades right on the boardwalk to keep the kids occupied so you can have some time to yourself. The city is clean and crime-free, with lots of great restaurants go have lunch and dinner. All the kids attractions close down after ten oclock, but the bars stay open until one in the morning. There is nothing quite like going out with all your friends, and finishing your night sitting on the sand and staring out into the ocean. Best part about this place is that it has a mother in law suite with a separate entrance. The suite has its own kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. So you could pay your mortgage by renting it out, while still having a place to call your own. I really wish I could buy this place myself. The owners are retiring and want to travel. And you wont find anyone else willing to part with a place like this at that price. But I got laid off recently, which put an end to my plans of acquiring this place. So, take a look: http://www.homeinrehoboth.net They have lots of photos there.
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